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12 Days of Giving with Sanctus Real

By Mark Graalman

With Christmas coming around the corner faster than Santa’s sleigh on light speed, malls are overflowing with shoppers and stress levels are heating up amongst the society in general. But here at CCM, we’ve been channeling that pursuit of worldly treasures towards a more reflective tone this season, counting down the “12 Days of Christmas” by highlighting one of your favorite faith-based artists talking about their favorite outreach organizations. Today Sanctus Real’s Mark Graalman explains the Mocha Club in an open letter to readers.

Hello everyone!

This is Mark Graalman, drummer for Sanctus Real, wanting to share with you about an organization we’ve been involved with for many years called Mocha Club.

Mocha Club is an online community of people ( who give up the cost of two mochas a month (or whatever $7 is to you) to fund relief and development work in Africa. The vision is to provide an opportunity for those of us who don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to make a difference in the lives of those in Africa.

Mocha Club has five strategic project areas: Clean Water, Education, Child Mothers and Women at Risk, Orphan Care and Vulnerable Children, and HIV/AIDS and Healthcare. The great part is that you get to pick the project your money supports! Once you sign up and pick your project, Mocha Club will send you monthly updates. They not only want you to see the impact your money is making, they also want you to get to know the stories of the people you are supporting!

We decided to partner with Mocha Club because we see the desperate need in Africa, and we believe our audience is made up of people who would do something to help if they could. Mocha Club is the perfect opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved. What Mocha Club offers rings true with our hearts and just makes sense for our demographic.

Last fall Sanctus Real had the honor of doing a full tour dedicated to raising support for Mocha Club for those in desperate need of clean water in Africa. The tour went to 32 cities in the United States and had an overwhelming response from our fans.

The wells we are drilling are for refugees of the Darfur genocide who have come together in an area called Jach. Seventy thousand people had been forced into this remote area with little to no access to clean water. In the spring of 2009, before the rainy season stopped the ability to drill, we built four wells. As the rainy season has just ended in October, we are planning to build 10 more—with the hopes of more if time permits. We are overwhelmed to be a part of a simple solution that saves so many lives.

We’ve seen firsthand how so little can go so far in Africa. Here are a few examples what your $7 a month can do in Africa:

  • PROVIDE clean water to seven Africans for a year
  • SUSTAIN life for one person living with AIDS
  • SAVE one person’s life from malaria

The list goes on and on. But it just takes you to decide to make a difference.

Mocha Club is an incredible organization doing an amazing and much-needed work in Africa. I hope you’ll join us—Sanctus Real and Mocha Club—in making a huge difference in the lives of our African brothers and sisters. Thanks so much!

Sanctus Real’s new record will be in stores March 9, 2010. Visit for more info about how you can GIVE this holiday season.

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