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Another Catholic University (Fordham) Caves to Gay Activists, Won’t Allow Chick-fil-A

Another Catholic University (Fordham) Caves to Gay Activists, Won't Allow Chick-fil-A

Fordham University, a Catholic institution, will not allow Chick-fil-A at its New York City campus after facing opposition from gay activists.

The Fordham University United Student Government, the Residence Hall Association and the Rainbow Alliance all voiced concerns about the fast-food chain, according to The Fordham Observer.

This is not the first time Chick-fil-A has found itself blacklisted by a university.

Proposals to open chains at Duquesne University, also a Catholic school, and at Johns Hopkins University, were met with similar student opposition.

This type of push-back stems from the stand that Chick-fil-A’s owner has taken against same-sex marriage because of his Christian beliefs.

Still, the company remains highly successful—even in New York City.

According to the Observer, Chick-fil-A offered to work with the Rainbow Alliance at Fordham to ease concerns students might have about “invading their safe space.” Those overtures were rejected.

Not all students at Fordham oppose the fast-food chain.

Ann Murphy, a 2015 Fordham graduate and a current law student, told The College Fix that she’s disappointed the chain won’t be opening.

“I’m very troubled by trends at colleges across America, where conservative views are silenced and shut down in both direct and indirect ways. I fear that these culture war boycotts are particularly polarizing,” Murphy said.

She notes that as “a Jesuit school, Fordham should seek to challenge students to engage with, consider, respect, and be tolerant of all beliefs—especially those rooted in religious reasons.” source

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