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Fans and Critics are jumping on the Welcome Wagon

Asthmatic Kitty’s husband & wife duo The Welcome Wagon released their second full-length album, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices, on June 12, 2012 much to the joy of fans and critics alike. Vito and Monique Aiuto, a Presbyterian pastor and his wife who make up The Welcome Wagon, simply invited others to join them for 51 minutes of church…and they came running!

Here’s what critics are saying:

“The Welcome Wagon is by far one of the most unique bands I have come across. Their music can’t be compared to too many contemporaries, their voices are simple, and their lyrics are compelling. There will be some who are instantly turned off by their music, but I think there are many more who will be awestruck. Hopefully we get the privilege of listening to this lovely couple sing for many many years to come…worship leaders, if you want something different…this is truly the one for you. In my opinion, everyone needs to join The Welcome Wagon. 4.5/5” –

“Precious Remedies is utterly sincere and devoid of pretense.” –Christianity Today

“In a sea of sameness, the adventurous creativity of Remedies is indeed “welcome.” The theological perspective of bridging our liturgies and Sunday reality with real life reflected in the music also reflects Christ in the Gospels. Vito mines history for lyrical gems to display in a new musical setting. Best of all, The Welcome Wagon encourages us to be human with weeping and whimsy, and an invitation to sing—together.” –Worship Leader

“The opening song is the best, but Vito Aiuto’s unusual arrangements of classics like ‘I Know That My Redeemer Lives’ lend a worshipful spirit to the entire project.” –Relevant Magazine, May/June 2012 issue

“The married gospel-folk duo of Vito and Monique Aiuto write songs that offer a balm of spiritual medicine to heal their congregation and wider audience.”
— Sojourners Magazine

“Embrace your new neighborhood and look! The Welcome Wagon is politely knocking on your door. Let them in and enjoy the warmth of their hospitality and love. Yes, you are finally home.” –Heros of Indie Music

In addition, The Welcome Wagon made Purity Of Heart Is To Will One Thing, a four song EP, available for free on NoiseTrade as a lead-up to the release of Precious Remedies. Fans responded with great delight with over 10,000 downloads.

“We’ve always thought our music as a gift from God — to us, to the people we make it with, and to anybody who listens and enjoys it,” says Vito. “It’s always had this spiritual aspect to it, and for this album, we think of it as music that serves as spiritual medicine.”

Vito says his songwriting is informed by his work as senior pastor at Resurrection Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. “A pastor is supposed to care for people, to help them to love God, to engage with their lives and their joys and their sorrows,” he says. “I’m only interested in writing music that will speak to that. I’m writing as a pastor, wanting these songs to speak God’s truth into those situations.”

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