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Hillsong UNITED’s Empires is Here

Hillsong UNITED - Empires
Hey friend! We are excited that Empires is finally out!

This album is all about the audacity of God, in view of His Holiness to allow us to sing “Holy” and more than that, accept it from us despite our brokenness and imperfection… MORE THAN THAT.. That he only wants it if it comes from the place of our weakness and imperfection. GOD isn’t impressed with what we say, what we do, He’s not impressed by our production, or our performance or the way we look, or if our “worship services” are fancy, or if we are singin’ good — God is all about the position and state of our HEART.

Psalm 51: Going through the motions doesn’t please You, a flawless performance is nothing to You…. I learned God-worship when my pride was shattered. Heart-shattered lives looking for love don’t for a moment escape God’s notice..” — excellence is not our execution or performance.. EXCELLENCE is found in our humility, desperate need of HIM, and our desire to give God our best. This is what we AIM for with everything we do, it’s why we work so hard to make the songs, and the music, and the story the best it can be, cause we know we got nothing without His grace, and if God is worthy of our praise, we oughta be doing the best we can to give him a song and a life that is costly not “awesome”.

It will never be perfect, but all he’s looking for is a “HEART-BROKE-SOUND” — I pray this album will be that for us, and whether it’s an out of tune piano and a voice like a dying toad – if it comes from a deep desire to give God our best, knowing we got nothing without Him – THAT’S MORE POWERFUL AND SWEETER TO HIS EARS THAN THE BIGGEST AND MOST PERFECTLY PRODUCED PERFORMANCE THE WORLD COULD EVER OFFER.

My confidence is that even if the record is a flop, and no one liked it, if everything was taken away and we had nothing left but the song and God’s grace -it would be enough, cause I know what it cost us to bring it, and at the end of the day our desire is that the ‘HEART’ we put into it, would be MUSIC TO HIS EARS.

Joel Houston

Watch the Official Lyric Video for “EMPIRES” by Hillsong UNITED:

Available now on Amazon and iTunes

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