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Mattis Says ‘No Doubt’ Assad Regime Behind Chemical Weapon Attack [Watch]

Gen. Mattis Says 'No Doubt' Assad Regime Behind Chemical Weapon Attack [Watch]
Defense Secretary Mattis discussed America’s decision to launch airstrikes against Syria with the press on Tuesday, saying the US had ‘no doubt’ that Bashar al-Assad was behind last week’s deadly gas attack, but confirmed America’s primary objective in Syria remains the destruction of ISIS.

“Last Tuesday on the 4th of April, the Syrian regime attacked its own people using chemical weapons. I have personally reviewed the intelligence, and there is no doubt the Syrian regime is responsible for the decision to attack, and for the attack itself,” said Mattis.

Watch Mattis:

“In response to the attack our government began a deliberate process led by the national security council…We determined that a measured military response could best deter the regime from doing this again.”

Secretary Mattis said the United States cannot idly watch as other nations violate century-old restrictions on the use of weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical weapons.

“This military action demonstrates the United States will not passively stand by while Assad blithely ignores international law and employs chemical weapons he had declared destroyed.”

After outlining the Trump administration’s decision to strike al-Assad in retaliation for the gas attack, Secretary Mattis clarified America’s main objective in the Syrian conflict: The defeat of ISIS.

“Our priority remains the defeat of ISIS,” he said.

Watch Secretary Mattis above. source

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