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Rare Love Story ‘NEW LIFE’ – In Theaters Now

Rare Love Story - 'NEW LIFE' - In Theaters Now

FIREPROOF’s Erin Bethea, Jonathan Patrick Moore and Drew Waters Talk About a Romance for Our Time

In the tradition of THE NOTEBOOK and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS comes NEW LIFE, the captivating story of love, commitment and hope—beauty in every moment—and triumph out of tragedy.

Watch the Official Movie Trailer for NEW LIFE:

Benjamin Morton’s (Jonathan Patrick Moore) life changed forever the day he met the little girl next door. Ava (Erin Bethea) was and always would be the girl of his dreams. What began as a childhood friendship grows into a meaningful relationship as the two plan their lives together. When life takes a turn neither of them expected, their entire future is called into question, and they must decide what it really means to make the most of life.

NEW LIFE shows love’s power to give strength and hope through all of life’s circumstances.

Erin Bethea

Star of the surprise smash hit FIREPROOF, host of an Emmy Award-winning TV show, voice actor, now film producer and writer, Erin Bethea has a unique perspective on bringing deeply romantic films to wide audiences. Ask Erin how a movie walks the line between great storytelling and doubtful content. Ask her and Moore about their onscreen magic.

Drew Waters
Navy veteran, star of Emmy-winning Friday Night Lights, featured actor in numerous theatrical films, producer, writer and director, Drew Waters can wear almost any hat on an entertainment set. Ask Drew about his feature-film directing debut after producing theatrical films and documentaries and time in front of the camera. NEW LIFE is one of five new films from Argentum. Ask Waters and Bethea about the conversations that led to Argentum Entertainment (bringing silver back to the silver screen), and the vision for Argentum now.

Jonathan Patrick Moore
Star of the hit Hallmark TV movie The Mistle-Tones and featured in the network series The L.A. Complex, Jonathan has made a colorful transition from Australia to the U.S. NEW LIFE is his initial project with Argentum Entertainment. What explains his chemistry with co-star Erin Bethea?

Argentum Entertainment does old school a new way. In their mission to bring strong storytelling to wide audiences, founders Drew Waters and Erin Bethea have kicked off with a captivating romance to get lost in, and leave inspired by. And what’s missing? Just the objectionable content.

FIREPROOF’s Erin Bethea Returns to Romance
A Romantic Film for Our Decade
The Love Story Minus the Squirm Factor

“I was drawn in from the first scene and found myself impacted on every possible emotional level.”
Jim Stovall, New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Ultimate Gift

“The story is magnificent at revealing real life experiences. It’s emotional from start to finish.”
Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, ABC’s The Bachelor

“One of the most moving, most heartfelt movies I’ve seen in a long time. People should see this movie!”
Garry Brown, Producer, Agents of Shield

NEW LIFE opens Oct. 28 in the following cities—check for additional venues. Click here for theater listings.

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Phoenix
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Atlanta
  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Washington D.C.
  • Indianapolis

NEW LIFE is produced by Bethea and Waters.

For interviews, contact: Michael Conrad 214-616-0320

For press material, visit:


About Argentum Entertainment

Founded by Drew Waters and Erin Bethea, Argentum Entertainment strives to create quality projects for mass audiences by appealing to what we believe is the highest demand in entertainment—just good movies.


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