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Roma Downey’s ‘Answered Prayers’ Gets Better Time Slot After Drawing Rave Reviews

Roma Downey's 'Answered Prayers' Gets Better Time Slot After Drawing Rave Reviews
Christian producer Roma Downey’s new show called “Answered Prayers” has just been given a better time slot after it received rave reviews from fans and prayer leaders from all over America.

The Learning Channel (TLC) decided to air the faith-based show at 8 p.m. Sunday night, and Downey could not be happier with the show’s positive response.

“We are humbled by the support of so many national prayer leaders, and thankful for how this show is inspiring so many to pray again. Now, at 8 p.m., it’ll give many more families the opportunity to watch it together,” she wrote in an e-mail to the Gospel Herald.

There are six parts to the “Answered Prayers” series, which is produced by LightWorkers Media. It features the true-to-life stories of people who have been blessed by God after they called out to Him in prayers. Downey shares their stories in the show by conducting interviews, sharing actual footage of the events, or by providing dramatic reenactments.

Last week’s episode told the harrowing experience of a teacher who drove over a collapsing bridge and the inspiring story of a Chicago woman who managed to find the love of her life. This week, the show’s episode will focus on the unbelievable story of a college student who got into a pole-vaulting accident, as well as a Detroit pastor who managed to survive even after he was stabbed 37 times by an assailant.

Downey earlier told The Christian Post that she went around different churches in America to collect the inspiring stories that they are now using on the show. “We could probably run for 20 years with the amazing stories that we have,” she said. “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. ‘Answered Prayers’ is a reminder of the power of prayer. It reminds us that we’re not alone. God hears us.”

Because of its content, “Answered Prayers” has received strong support from national prayer movements such as the US Prayer Center, Promise Keepers, One Million Praying, Prayer Force One, Generals of Intercession, Florida Prayer Network, Congressional Prayer Caucus, Pray California, National Prayer Committee, Hollywood Prayer Network, Pray America, International House of Prayer, and the National Day of Prayer.

Watch the Trailer for “Answered Prayers” hosted by Roma Downey:

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Answered Prayers.

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