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The Wrecking Announces New Album, So Much for Love, Releasing August 21, 2012

Portland, Maine based pop/rock band, The Wrecking, is set to release their second full-length album, So Much for Love, August 21, 2012. The lead single “View From The Top” is available on iTunes while So Much for Love is already gaining momentum as it was one of the featured albums last week. Check out the album sampler here.

Teaming up with producer Dustin Burnett (Augustana, Newsboys, Throwing Gravity, Jimmy Needham) and mastering by Adam Ayan (Nirvana, Madonna, Foo Fighters, Carrie Underwood, The Rolling Stones), So Much for Love features 14 tracks that celebrate the purpose of struggle and the beauty of rising from brokenness.

The Wrecking is breaking all kinds of molds in the music industry with a strong mainstream and faith-based following. The band’s drummer, Darren Elder, shares, “After three years of full time touring, writing and recording we know exactly who we are now, and where we want to go. Maybe it’s because we have done this on our own, but it is really exciting to see that we now organically exist in both the mainstream and Christian markets.”

GRAMMY®-nominated musician and producer Mark Nash, an advisor and friend to the band, recognizes their hard work and deep passion. “It’s great to see that these guys are perfectly capable of taking matters into their own hands,” Nash explains. “I feel like I’m watching a little bit of the future of the music industry as I see them go from strength to strength on their own. It’s really inspiring.”

With the radio success of the album’s first single, “View From The Top,” the Wrecking’s lead vocalist Douglas Elder, brother to Darren, shares that the song “Is about getting above all the things that hold us back or bring us down. It’s about the empowerment that comes from having a proper perspective on the struggles and brokenness of life.” As a result of the single’s impact, the highly acclaimed Showtime series, “The Big C,” featured an on-screen performance of The Wrecking performing “View From The Top.” Click here to check out a clip from the show.

Amid all of the excitement for the upcoming album release and the band’s television debut, the passion of The Wrecking extends beyond music. Since 2010, the band has represented Not For Sale, a new anti-slavery organization that strives to release people from the bondage of modern-day slavery and human trafficking. “Not For Sale allows us an opportunity to see that our faith and music matter to orphans and widows in their distress,” says Darren. “We are humbled and honored to stand with them.”

The mission of the band is not only to bring awareness to the issue, but to encourage individuals to become activists. Since partnering with Not For Sale, The Wrecking has put on three “I Am Not For Sale” tours resulting in raising over 600 Not For Sale partners and over $20,000 in donations.

For information on upcoming I Am Not For Sale Tour dates and more about The Wrecking, please visit

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